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Winter Woes

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Some of us are probably more thrilled than others about the Winter months and the weather that comes with it.  However, with the change in season soon comes the change in year, and this means it is a great time to set new goals as well as follow through with things you may have been putting off.  We often lose track of time and things we say we will get to eventually, and this even applies to car and truck repairs.  Some fix-ups for trucks, trailers or buses can be put off for a while, but it is important to remember that small damage can eventually lead to bigger issues.  Now is the perfect time to stop in and see R & D Truck Repair’s mechanics, as we have the expertise and experience you need to perform the most reliable mechanic services.  Make sure you ring in 2013 with the safest transportation!